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Attention Youth 12-18!


Mark your calendars for the trip to Maris Farms on Sunday the 25th at 7:00pm. Gavin, Aubrae, and one other set of volunteer parents will supervise a fun trip through the corn maze with flashlights.

Tickets are $17.28 per person and Gavin will have to order them ahead of time, so get in touch with him, or COMMENT HERE ON FACEBOOK and let him know if you'd like to go.

The counselor at Bonney Lake Elementary has asked if our church would partner with them in providing school supplies to students returning to the classroom October 13th. She reached out to our church because we've been so generous to kids during the Christmas season. The teachers at BLE sent many school supplies home with students last spring, so they could use them with distant learning. The school does not have the budget to replace all the items needed. The state has asked that no students share supplies, so they need even more items than usual. She has sent me a list (attached) and it is quite long! 

I have priced most of the items, buying in bulk on Amazon and other sites, and it adds up to quite a bit of money. I have asked the counselor what items are the most needed, and she said pencils and dry erase markers. The school needs 1,800 pencils (in bulk I found them for ten cents each) and 700 Dry erase markers (in bulk 80 cents each). There are many other items and I have attached the list as a reference. 

There are a few ways you could help:
1) Purchase supplies and drop them off at the church office during business hours (10-2 Tuesday thru Friday or Sunday the 4th or 11th) 
2) Donate money and I will purchase items in bulk. Please mark on the giving envelope or check memo "Supplies". 
3) Donate shoe boxes for kids to keep their school supplies in. 


Thank you for considering blessing our local school! 

Despite the ongoing global Covid epidemic, the Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Ministry goes on! Now, more than ever, there's an urgent need to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ!


Please join with the BLCC OCC Club Team once again to help put smiles of joy on the faces of children this Christmas by helping fill shoeboxes wiht toys, clothing, shoes, accessories, school supplies, toiletris, hardware, etc.


Please bring your donation items to the OCC Room at the end of the hallway after Sunday worship services.

For monetary donations, please make checks payable to: Patsy Johannes/Memo: OCC

Monies will be used to purchase needed items and/or help offset the cost of shipping ($9 per box)

Some other ways to help:

1. Save your change. Patsy has bottles to fill with your spare change. Bring them back to the church by November 1st and it will be used to help pay for shipping.
2. Join in a craft day to help make fun things to go in the boxes. No experience necessary! Sign up sheets are in the fellowship hall.

Questions? Contact Patsy at 253-376-3554.