Jesus Christ Himself commands all His disciples to
"Go into all the world" and share Him and His message with others. 
We take this command seriously at BLCC.  So much so we are committed
to supporting several missionaries and mission organizations.

Missionaries We Support



Kari Brizendine

Wycliff Bible Translator/Audio-Visual Storytelling Media Specialist

Cell: 253-448-7695
Email: kari_brizendine@wycliffe.org 

Kari was accepted for Wycliffe missionary service in September of 2015.  She will share in the work by serving in Guatemala as an Audio Visual Storytelling Media Specialist. 

Finally, after many months of training, she left for Guatemala for her permanent position in February of 2017!

Kari grew up in Bonney Lake Community Church, and we are so pleased and proud of her dedication to her mission.

Wycliffe's task is to take God's Word to those who do not have it in their own language.  Wycliffe facilitates and coordinates this by receiving funds for the ministry and by providing training and certain support services.

Wycliffe is a faith mission:  under God's guidance, each member builds and maintains a prayer and financial partnership team who support Wycliffe ministy in which he or she serves.  BLCC is one of those partners.

Ethan & Melissa Molsee

Missionaries, ABWE/Togo, Africa

Email: molsee@abwe.cc
Blog: www.365.themolsees.com


Ethan and Melissa are part of the Togo North Team reaching unreached peoples of northern Togo with the story of hope. Ethan serves as the Hospital of Hope’s administrative and financial director and Melissa works in the hospital and clinic as a doctor.

For current news and updates about this vital ministry at the Hospital of Hope in Togo, West Africa, please check out Ethan and Milissa's web page at http://www365.themolsees.com

Bob & Teresa Reister

Missionaries, Christar/Japan

Cell: 81-820-23-1098
Email: TheReisters@mac.com

Mailing Address
5469-6 Yanai
Yanai-Shi, Yamaguchi-Ken
JAPAN 742-0021

We are Bob and Teresa Reister and we live in the city of Yanai in Yamaguchi Prefecture.  It is our goal to see people come to faith in Jesus Christ and meet together throughout our city, having been introduced to the gospel through studying the Bible.  The process begins with meeting people wherever we might find them, building relationships, and speaking openly about our Creator and our Savior. Those who show a spiritual interest are invited to join a Discovery Bible Study.  In DBS they can learn the story of salvation and build relationships with other seekers and believers.
Our original call into overseas ministry came as a result of applying the Great Commission personally to our own lives.  We are both teachers by profession, so we investigated where our teaching could be used to further expand the Kingdom of God.  God used relationships with former missionaries to direct us to Japan where we taught the children of missionaries, first grade through twelfth, at American Christian School in Japan for sixteen years. 
A turning point in ministry came after most of our students graduated. After much prayer and counsel, we decided to remain in Japan as church planters. Probably the most difficult aspect of the ministry has been learning the Japanese language. Acquiring fluency is a lifelong process.  However, the most rewarding experience is to introduce people to the gospel who have never heard it before.  In our rural area, it is not uncommon to meet people who have never seen a Bible, and do not know a single Christian.  It is such a privilege to be the first to carry the message of hope to them!

James & Jeanne Kallappa

Native American Fellowship
Neah Bay Assembly of God

Cell: 360-645-2273
Email: JeanneKall@hotmail.com

Mailing Address:
PO Box 848
Neah Bay, WA 98357


James grew up in Neah Bay, Washington on the Makah Indian Reservation.  He was raised in a family of 9 children.  At the age of 21, James was the first of his family to get saved.  The Lord then used him to pray for and lead the rest of his family to Him. After giving his heart to the Lord, James went to bible School for two years.  During that time he made many trips to Vancouver Island ministering.  It was on one of those trips tha he ended up staying in the west coast village of Uculet on Vancouver Island as their pastor.  He has served as pastor in Indian churches throughout the United States, as well as spending 25 years in Canada.

 Jeanne grew up in Bonney Lake, in a family of 8 children.  She gave her heart to the Lord at a young age.  After graduation, she worked as a secretary for seven years before being called to the mission field.  She began her full time ministry to the Native American Indians in 1981.

James and Jeanne first met in the summer of 1983 on Vancouver Island, at the Indian Campmeeting there.  James was the adult evangelist and Jeanne was the youth evangelist.  It was that fall that Jeanne moved to Prince Rupert where James and his wife Ruth were pastors.  They worked together for 5 years.  When James & Ruth moved to Vancouver to pastor there, Jeanne continued ministering in the villages in the area of Christian Edudcation.  Ruth passed away of cancer in 1992.  James and Jeanne married in 1993.  They continued their work together encouraging spiritual growth, evangelism, discipleship, and church planting among Native populations in Canada.

In 2001 James and Jeanne moved back to Neah Bay where James was saved.  He has now been serving the Lord for over 50 years. On Neah Bay they not only pastor the church, but the whole community.  They are often called upon for counseling and prayer during times of need.  ne of their desires is to encourage those they disciple to be able to disciple others, knowing that the Lord's plan is for many to do the work of the ministry.  Leadership training is vital and continues to be a real need as well as finding dedicated leaders for youth ministries.

Bob & Katherine Rodgers

NICE (Northwest Independent Church Extension)

Cell: 253-278-6179
Email: bkrodgers1@comcast.net
Or Director@NICEChurchPlanters.org

Mailing Address
PO Box 8234
Bonney Lake, WA 98391

Bob Rodgers (and Katherine) grew up in Washington’s Puget Sound area. They joined the NICE family in 1982 and Bob has served pastorates in Keyport, Washington and Culdesac and Hailey, Idaho. In 2002, they returned to their home area to assist and encourage NICE missionaries in Western Washington and Alaska. On October 1, 2010, Bob assumed responsibility as Executive Director of NICE.  

Jeff Butler

Family Hope International

Phone: 253-770-2283
Email: info@familyhopeinternational.org

Mailing Address
PO Box 7616
Bonney Lake, WA 98391


Jeff and his wife Chris are parents to eleven children, many through the blessing of adoption both domestically and from Ethiopia and China.  God has given them a heart for the fatherless and a desire to share with the church about how we all can more effectively engage in orphan prevention rather than focusing primarily on orphan care.


Marlene Stoll

Child Evangelism Fellowship

Cell: 253-539-0458
Email: marlene.stoll@cefofwa.com

Mailing Address
9244 Pacific Ave #210
Tacoma, WA 98444

Marlene accepted the Lord Jesus Christ when she was 10 years old at a Vacation Bible School.  During her college years she went away from the Lord but He kept His hand on her.  After many years of teaching she decided to try nursing, but after a fall injured her back she was unable to continue.  She asked the Lord what He wanted her to do.

The first think she thought of was CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship).  For several years, she had had a Good News Club in her home, reaching out to neighborhood chidren.  She called CEF headquarters and they put her in touch with Thelma Gray who was CEF Director for Tacoma-Pierce County.  Thelma had worked in CEF for 40 years and was getting ready to retire.  Marlene worked as an intern under Thelma and then took over as Director in June 1998.  BLCC gave our support to her at this time, as well as continuing with retirement support of Thelma Gray.  Thelma passed away in the Fall of 2007. 

Marlene keeps busy with year round CEF ministries which include the following:
     *Good News Clubs offered during the school year
     *Party Clubs presented during holidays such as Christmas, Valentine's Day & Easter
     *5-Day Clubs/VBS offered during the summer months
     *CEF booths at the Spring Fair, Pierce County Fair, etc.
     *Camp Good News for 3rd-6th grades
     *JCYIA (Junior Christian Youth in Action) Camp for 7th-8th grades
     *CYIA (Christian Youth in Action) Camp for 9th-12th grades
     *Teacher Training Days for the ministries above

Joel & Baily Easling

Awana, SW Washington Missionaries

Email: joele@awana.org

Joel and Baily Easling both had the privilege of attending Awana as children throughout their high school years. Both achieving their Citation Awards, the highest honor in the Awana program. It is through their experience in the program that they learned the value of it and they wanted to continue the legacy.

The Easlings have spent the last 11 years seeking to make a difference in the generations to come. God has kept Awana an integral part of their lives so much that folks say “they bleed red, blue green and yellow” (the Awana colors). They met at Awana camp and married in 2013 and now have two beautiful children.

As Awana missionaries for the SW Washington region, they look forward to partnering with and serving you to reach kids and train leaders in order to continue to change our world for Christ.

Mission Organizations

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