what to expect

What should I wear?

We believe that what a person looks like on the outside is not as important as what is on the inside. At BLCC you'll see blue jeans, khakis, ties, dresses and skirts.   

What are your services like?

We strive to create an environment for corporate worship where people are encouraged to experience the presence of God.  Our music style is a combination of contemporary music and hymns with lyrics that reflect our reverence for an awesome and holy God.  God is central to our worship.  Our messages come from the Word of God and we rely on the Spirit of God to teach and convict as the truth is presented.
What about my children?
Jesus holds children very close to His heart; that’s why kids are a top priority at BLCC.  It is our privilege to minister to families each week.  The goal of our children’s ministry is to partner with parents as they help their children become devoted followers of Christ.
We strive to provide safe, developmentally-appropriate environments that are clean and orderly for all children, from birth through 12th grade.  Our aim is to draw families to Christ and together through the Word of God.  Our Sunday School program is designed so that families will work through the whole counsel of God's Word together.
How can I connect with the rest of the Body?
We have many ministries where you can both attend and volunteer.  Please click on the "SHOW" tab to read more about these opportunities.  We also have several special events throughout the year, such as potlucks, special dinners , etc.  Our AWANA-VC program (click on the "GROW" tab) is another wonderful way for your family to connect.