getting to know Jesus

God has always existed. He has no beginning and no end. God is Spirit and He exists in one essence and three distinct personalities, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. This is commonly reffered to as the Trinity. Jesus (God the Son) took the form of a human. He became like us in every way (yet without sin). He was fully God and fully man. Jesus while He lived in human form lived a perfect life, experienced human suffering, died on a cross (under Pontius Pilate), His body was buried, and on the third day after His burial He rose from the dead.
As humans we are sinful at birth and we are unable to have friendship with God and satisfy His righteous demands.
Jesus (God Himself) became a man and lived a perfect life so that He could be our substitute. He took the punishment for all sin and for all who believe in Him, he literally took their place and suffered God's punishment for them.
Jesus was buried and rose again, so that all who believe can know that physical death is not the end. At the moment a person trusts in Jesus, they enter into spiritual eternal life (with God) and are guaranteed a physical resurrection (in a perfected body) after their death.
Get to know this Jesus. Bonney Lake Community Church exists to know Christ and make Him known. Please join us or another local fellowship of Christians. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.
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