Kallappa, James & Jeanne, Native American Fellowship, Neah Bay Assembly of God
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 - James grw up in Neah Bay, Washington on the Makah Indian Reservation.  He was raised in a family of 9 children.  At the age of 21, James was the first of his family to get saved.  The Lord then used him to pray for and lead the rest of his family to Him.
 - After giving his heart to the Lord, James went to bible School for two years.  During that time he made many trips to Vancouver Island ministering.  It was on one of those trips tha he ended up staying in the west coast village of Uculet on Vancouver Island as their pastor.  He has served as pastor in Indian churches throughout the United States, as well as spending 25 years in Canada.
 - Jeanne grew up in Bonney Lake, in a family of 8 children.  She gave her heart to the Lord at a young age.  After graduation, she worked as a secretary for seven years before being called to the mission field.  She began her full time ministry to the Native American Indians in 1981.
 - James and Jeanne first met in the summer of 1983 on Vancouver Island, at the Indian Campmeeting there.  James was the adult evangelist and Jeanne was the youth evangelist.  It was that fall that Jeanne moved to Prince Rupert where James and his wife Ruth were pastors.  They worked together for 5 years.  When James & Ruth moved to Vancouver to pastor there, Jeanne continued ministering in the villages in the area of Christian Edudcation.  Ruth passed away of cancer in 1992.  James and Jeanne married in 1993.  They continued their work together encouraging spiritual growth, evangelism, discipleship, and church planting among Native populations in Canada.

Current Ministry
 -In 2001 James and Jeanne moved back to Neah Bay where James was saved.  He has now been serving the Lord for over 50 years.
 - On Neah Bay they not only pastor the church, but the whole commnity.  They are often called upon for counseling and prayer during times of need.
 - One of their desires is to encourage those they disciple to be able to disciple others, knowing that the Lord's plan is for many to do the work of the ministry.  Leadership training is vital and continues to be a real need as well as finding dedicated leaders for youth ministries.