Brizendine, Kari, Wycliffe Bible Translator/Audio-Visual Storytelling Media Specialist
cell: (253) 448-7695
Kari was accepted for Wycliffe missionary service in September of 2015.  She will share in the work by serving in Guatemala as an Audio Visual Storytelling Media Specialist. 

Finally, after many months of training, she left for Guatemala for her permanent position in February of 2017!

Kari grew up in Bonney Lake Community Church, and we are so pleased and proud of her dedication to her mission.

Wycliffe's task is to take God's Word to those who do not have it in their own language.  Wycliffe facilitates and coordinates this by receiving funds for the ministry and by providing training and certain support services.

Wycliffe is a faith mission:  under God's guidance, each member builds and maintains a prayer and financial partnership team who support Wycliffe ministy in which he or she serves.  BLCC is one of those partners.